Laughing Hyenas shop mascot. Everybody follow @hyenatattoos if yer not already! #hyena #laughinghyena (at Laughing Hyena Tattoos)

Hello. My name is MRSA. I am

I love all the dogs.

Metro swag. Can’t wait until this leg is finished tattoowise. (at West Hyattsville Metro Station)


Locks: week one.

Nothing like a 9.9 mile bike ride to start the day. Especially when I did it after a night out partying with my dude for his birthday, with no sleep and still kinda drunk haha. #adventures #bikes

I’m watching House

“why the fuck am i up at 5 a.m. eating popcorn and fucking around and tender while watching House from season one all over again?”

Check-in to House on tvtag

My lockhawk is coming along so amazingly, I barely even have to do shit. Also, finally got these tiger wood 52mm plugs in and restretched my septum to a 2. Can’t wait for this spring. #piercings #piercer #plugs #locks #mohawk #septum

Traditional Rose Hand Piece

I had the opportunity to do this awesome traditional rose hand tattoo last week at Laughing Hyena Studios.

#tbt from when I got bitten on the collarbone by my friends boa constrictor when I was giving her a hug last year. #snake #bite #onlyme #bobbyrotten #unlucky #13

Brand new $5 captains hat and stickers on everything I own: laptop, tattoo luggage, refridgerator, tv, microwave… literally everything. #stickers #bobbyrotten

View from my front porch, I’ve been up all night to watch this sunrise.. I’ve got a lot of things on my mind and sleep isn’t one of them. (at College Park, Maryland)




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I’ve known about this awesome chick for awhile now, but I have only recently seen her videos, and I gotta say, as of right now, she is totally my favorite adult film star. Seriously so innocent, SO DIRTY. 

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